Trendy Clothing Styles You Don’t Want To Miss in 2020

A group of women in trendy clothing styles

Trendy clothing styles for 2020 are fun and fabulous, and we’re glad to see several hits from the past making their way back onto fashion runways around the world. Join us as we review nine cute fashion trends you’ll want to incorporate into your wardrobe ASAP.


A flashback from the 1970s, wide-leg styles are back — and this time we’re giving this trend a new spin with added details and embellishments like pleats and ruffles. Flares are a cute retro-inspired way to add some contemporary edge to your modern style.

A woman wearing a red and white jumpsuit with flared legs

A woman in a light ruffled romper standing next to a pink scooter


Get ready for girly and cute fashion trends because ruffles and bows are coming back with a vengeance!

Flounce is being raised yet another notch, with tiered designs taking the cake. Layers of ruffles add volume and drama with a delightful amount of twirl-ability that makes these pieces extra fun to wear.


Most of the time, holes in your shirts or dresses are a reason for you to reach for the needle and thread. Eyelet fabrics, however, have tons of tasteful and intentional holes that give your top or dress some texture and detail. This is a trendy clothing style that we’re excited to see on top this year!

To take advantage of this super cute look while wearing something that keeps you covered, try one of our eyelet dresses and tops.

A woman wearing a white dress with eyelet fabric

A woman wearing a green short-sleeve jumpsuit


Fashion jumpsuits are now a wardrobe staple. From home to work and on vacation, jumpsuits are making an appearance in many of this year’s trendy clothing styles. Your all-in-one outfit for effortless styling, the jumpsuit is the perfect option for women who want a trendy outfit for everyday life.


Oh, my romper! If you’ve never tried a romper before, this is the year to make the splash! Along with cute fashion trends like the one-piece jumpsuit, rompers are another one-piece fashion staple that offers the look of a mini-dress without having to worry about showing too much.

A woman standing outside in a yellow romper

A woman wearing a sky-blue front-tie two-piece set and black knee boots

The Bra Top

Tube and bandeau tops have had their day—get ready for high-waisted skirts with a beach-ready bra top! Trendy clothing styles overlap in this daring trend, with colorful eyelet and opaque to sheer materials.

If you’re feeling a little cautious about embracing this trend to the fullest, create a quasi bra-top look with one of our ribbed “sheer” bodysuits or a two-piece set.


Did polka dots ever disappear from trendy clothing styles? If we’re being honest, it seems like this spotted print has become a timeless choice that never goes out of style!

In 2020, we’re seeing cute fashion trends relating to polka-dots exploding everywhere with small and large polka-dot prints on everything from skirts to ruffle dresses.

A woman wearing a black and white polka-dot dress

A woman wearing a polka-dot bodysuit

Body Suits

Dancers have their leotards, but we have bodysuits! One of our favorite pieces for 2020, the bodysuit has evolved from stretchy exercise wear and into a fashion staple.

From elegant to seductive, polished to basic, this is a fashion trend we’d encourage everyone to embrace. Long sleeve, halter top, sheer material, and more—bodysuits are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. Bodysuits look super cute with a pair of jeans or a skirt, and you never have to worry about your top coming untucked.

Textured Cardigans

Woolen cardigans and knit sweaters are here in force for your 2020 cozy collection! They’re not just for keeping you warm in the office or out on an evening stroll. Cardigans and sweaters are an easy way to change up your look!

Combine your pom-pom and popcorn outerwear with a fitted skirt or skinny pants and relish a perfectly balanced look that’s as visually delicious as it is warm.

A woman in a hallway wearing a pink pom-pom cardigan

Enjoy the Latest Cute Fashion Trends at Top Culture Boutique

At Top Culture Boutique, trendy clothing styles are our number one passion. We love sourcing the most fabulous fabrics, perky prints, and stunning combos for our customers so that you can be a trendsetter wherever you are!

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