Trendy Boutique Style Ideas for Spring and Summer

Preparing our spring and summer wardrobes is something we all look forward to. The biggest trends coming from spring 2020 are here and we are ready to prepare your wardrobe with flair. It could be the new puffy sleeve trend or you decide to flaunt in your next vacation midi or a striped jumpsuit. It won’t be too hard to figure out with all these styling tips.

For Summer

Getting your wardrobe summer-ready is a favorite pastime for many women. What better way to turn some heads than with a chic bodysuit and a pair of statement earrings?

For cute bodysuit outfit ideas, we suggest pairing your one-tuck top with a pair of denim shorts or a form-fitting mini skirt—denim goes with anything on top and the shorter length of shorts and skirts gives you a chance to show off your newly acquired tan!

A woman standing in a hallway with a black bodysuit and animal-print skirt.

For Work

Incorporating some boutique style into your office outfits is easy to do with some trendy pieces and out-there prints. Go trendy on the top half with a white or black bodysuit, and spice things up with an animal print skirt below. For the more daring among us, a jumpsuit will have you dressed in seconds and is a sure head-turner every time.

Weekend Fun

After a week of working, studying, and taking care of kids, bring your boutique style into full bloom with a breezy and feminine floral sundress. Perfect for everything from sightseeing to brunch, we would seriously wear these trendy dresses all season long.

For something a little more perky and practical, we like a romper for having fun with friends. Available in various prints and colors, it’s easy to find a romper that expresses your unique take on fashion.

A woman wearing a floral maxi dress.

A woman wearing Party Dress

Party Time

Whether it’s for date night with your sweetheart or house parties with friends, having a few boutique-style party dresses on hand will make summer celebrations a little bit easier. From form-fitting silhouettes with an elegant shine to light and flowing pieces in textured fabrics, select a range of designs to ensure a stylish look at each and every event.

On Vacation

Planning on taking a trip this summer? Take boutique style with you with a comfy jumpsuit. Whether you’ll be sipping on wine in the Napa Valley or drinking margaritas on a beach in Cancun, these all-in-one outfits are chic and practical. After all, vacation is supposed to be relaxing, right?

Women Wearing Jumpsuit

A woman wearing pool party Dress

Pool Parties

Summer is the season for beach days and pool parties—and lots of opportunities for flaunting some boutique style! When shopping for your summer swimwear, don’t forget a trendy two-piece for covering up when you’re out of the water lounging in style on the deck or on the shore.

Red, White, and Blue

Put on your best show of patriotic spirit for Memorial Day and 4th of July parties with a fun and trendy top or cute bodysuit outfit in red, white, or blue. Both of these options go great with a pair of jeans and look super cute with a pair of boots.

Whether you’re aiming to include the entire flag in your outfit or keep it streamlined with a monotone look, your boutique-style get-up is sure to be the talk of the town!

Women Wearing Jumpsuit

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