How to Style Trendy Two-Piece Boutique Sets

For wowing at the office or turning heads at a party, there really is nothing that beats a chic two-piece boutique set. Streamlined and sassy, a two-piece set gives you the perfect cross between a dress and an outfit. Read on for our top tips for styling your two-piece sets in several different ways.

Keep It Simple

Compared to a basic top or cami, two-piece boutique sets offer their own unique attraction with ruffle and front-tie details, buttons, asymmetrical silhouettes, and eye-catching prints. With so much going on, the best way to style a two-piece set is often to let it speak for itself!

To style your classy but trendy two-piece set minimally for a casual day out or a day at the office, simply pair with your favorite sandals or wedges and a matching purse in a neutral color. We’re seeing many of our babes rock the two-piece look with hoop earrings and a relaxed hairstyle. Whether you’re a straight and silky honey or a curly girl, this combo is sure to be a winner!

Subtle Tweaks

If you’re up for impressing your Instagram fans, bring your two-piece boutique sets to a new level of trendy by adding a contrasting bra top (neutrals work well) under an open button-up top. With the current trend in bra tops, smaller equals better, so pull out that boob tube and cut it in two and you’ve got two on-trend bra tops ready to go.

For a little more coverage and warmth in the evening, add a long fluffy cardigan for layering and contrast. For summer, a light knit cardigan in a shade of pastel is the ideal complement to your two-piece sets and a cute pair of booties takes the look to perfection.

A woman with a brown hat wearing a ivory cardigans

Mix it Up

Another variation that will have people looking back twice is combining a two-piece in two different colors! Yes — you read that right. Many two-piece boutique sets are available in more than one hue, making it easy to wear blue one day, orange the next, and your own favorite combo when you’re feeling adventurous!

Another twist we love on the mix ‘n’ match theme is coordinating your outfit with your BFF or sweet sis. This one works especially well if you’re similar sizes and can swap around the tops and bottoms!

Woman leaning on a bar and wearing a white two piece set

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