How to Dress Like an Influencer

We’ve all got our favorite influencers on social media — including our go-tos for fashion, food, travel, and fitness. If those daily snaps of your fave influencer’s spring outfits have got you wondering how to dress like an influencer — or maybe even how to become an influencer yourself — read on to discover our top tips for making influencer clothing work for you!

  1. Find Your Fashion Niche

The first step to learning how to dress like an influencer is to find your specific niche. Are you one for layers and eye-catching accessories? Exploit this look with cardigans and scarves in winter and sheer layers over your summer get-ups. Do you prefer to keep things simple? Pick out a fabulous jumpsuit and pair it with your favorite pair of sandals. 

For some of us, picking a theme for our influencer clothing might have us scratching our heads. If that’s you (and we can totally identify!), pull out your favorite pics of clothing that made you feel fabulous and notice what it was that defined your style.

  1. Optimize Your Wardrobe

When you have a clear idea of the styles, colors, and combos that you love, go through your wardrobe thoroughly and create an “influencer capsule wardrobe” with your best pieces. Looking at your influencer collection, you’ll probably notice that you only have one amazing top, a couple of dresses, and a desperate lack of specific items. Taking out a pencil and notebook, make a list of the things you need and start creating your wishlist online!

  1. Think About Your Message

An important aspect of how to dress like an influencer that goes above and beyond your personal style is the values behind the outfits you create. For some influencers, this is ethical fashion choices. For others, it’s demonstrating how to restyle the same group of pieces in a multitude of different ways. Whatever is important for you in fashion, think about the message you’re giving your followers and seek to be an influence for the better.

  1. Practice Your Poses!

Learning how to dress like an influencer is one thing, learning to act like one is another thing entirely! When you look at pics of your favorite influencers, you’ll notice that much of the attraction is in the way that they smile, the way that they pose, and the confidence with which they carry themselves.

Taking a full-length mirror, practice walking, smiling, and carrying yourself in a way that makes you look calm, cool, and confident. Another idea is to set up a camera on a tripod to film the way that you walk and move.

  1. Get Creative!

You’ve got your influencer clothing, you’ve established your message, and you’ve fine-tuned your body language to show that you’re awesome. Now it’s time to get creative and see how many outfits you can create!

The ultimate secret for learning how to dress like an influencer is to come up with something fresh every day, so pull out those pieces and get creative!

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