Fashion Fun in the Sun: Summertime Outfit Ideas

Summertime is one of the best times of the year for breaking out the fashion gear and trying something a little bit different. Inspired by designs from the runway during the latest spring/summer fashion week, here are some street-ready summertime outfits that we’re loving for having some fashion fun in the sun.

A woman in a spotted skirt and black cut-out top standing in front of balloons.

Sexy Cut-Outs

Flirty and artistic, cut-out clothes are definitely something you’ll want to incorporate into your casual-chic summer outfits. Side and front cut-outs are coming in first place with cheeky collar-bone cut-outs coming in at a close second.

Flaunt some skin and hit the street in style in a chic cut-out bodysuit and a pair of skinny jeans. Alternatively, take advantage of the all-in-one jumpsuit option with a pair of sandals to get on board with this gorgeous craze.

Halter Necklines

Halter tops are BACK and offer a great way to elevate your summertime outfits. The new halter comes with a range of necklines that everyone can fall in love with: classic halters with cut-outs, drawstring halters for maximum adjustability, and sassy cut-out V-neck halters that combine two classy summer trends into one hot piece!

This summer, add some halter necklines to your wardrobe with our super-cute halter style crop tops, rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits. These pieces are the perfect choice for a balmy night out with the girls!

A woman modeling a rust-colored halter-neck romper.
A woman modeling a sky-blue set in a hallway.

Bra Tops

Crop tops have been a staple of summertime outfits for a long time, and now we’re seeing this trend getting even smaller! Bralettes, bra tops, and bandeaus all qualify as bra tops, and they are best combined with high-waisted pants or a skirt and a jacket.

Get the look of a bra top without the risk of overexposure by dolling yourself up in one of our gorgeous two-piece sets. These matched front-tie coordinates have the look of a bra top while keeping a great visual balance with matching colors and prints on the bottom.

Victorian Sleeves

Oh my sleeves! Your casual-chic summer outfits really should include at least one of these delightful styles. Inspired by vintage and retro designs, we’re seeing cap, puff, and off-the-shoulder Victorian sleeves pop up in dresses and even rompers!

To maximize the impact of these wonderfully puffy sleeves in your summertime outfits, keep it simple with some statement earrings and your favorite pair of high-heeled shoes.

A woman modeling a blood orange dress with Victorian sleeves.
A woman modeling a dress and black cardigan surrounded by balloons

Boots with a Dress

Finally! A trend that lets you wear a dress and be comfortable, too. Dresses with boots — wasn’t it obvious? To incorporate this latest trend and upgrade your summertime outfits, simply wear a pair of chunky boots with your favorite dress. Mini, midi, and maxi dress lengths are all equally as effective for flaunting this fabulous new trend. Experiment a little and tag your best combo with #topculturebabe on Instagram!

Sheer Layers

Flirty and fabulous, sheer layers are a must-have for your casual-chic summer outfits. Maxi sheer dresses over a cami and shorts work well. Alternatively, go for a provocative full-sheer look with a skin-colored top and printed sheer overlay.

We’re loving the multi-layered look that sheer can create with any and every summer outfit. So find something a little sheer and get-on creating — and be sure to send us your favorite pic!

A woman sitting on a patio and holding a wine glass.
Woman wearing a striped romper

Pink and Orange

If happy were a color combo, this would be it! Pink and orange have long been the two cheeriest colors around — so it’s actually surprising that it has taken us this long to put them together!

Dresses, rompers, two pieces, you name it — pink and orange are coming together in new summertime outfits for the ultimate partnership in warm-weather perfection.


The color of sunshine, yellow is the final hue that you definitely need in your summertime outfits. The color of optimism, yellow is sure to keep your spirits up no matter what happens throughout the day.

Go all-out yellow with a cheery dress or playful romper, or add this color to your outfit more subtly with a butter yellow top or purse.

A woman modeling a bright yellow romper.

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