Elements of Trendy Clothing Styles

Today’s trendiest clothing styles are fun, feminine, and full of personality. From vibrant colors to handmade details, there is so much to love! Discover six of the elements we love about this unique kind of casual-chic women’s clothing and see how designers have adapted these trends for a new generation.

A woman wearing a bright red dress

Bold is Beautiful

Women like to make an impression when they enter a room. What better way to do that than to take advantage of the way color provokes an instant reaction? Reds, yellows, hot pinks, and stripes are the equivalent of neutrals for this casual-chic women’s clothing style and are best paired with a contrasting jacket and hat to make them pop.

When putting together an on trend-inspired outfit, choose vibrant colors and lively prints. This bright red dress is a true tribute to the bright and bold.

See Me Roar

Similar to the bright and bold, animal prints exude confidence, cunning, and feminine instinct. In some cultures, the characteristics of an animal print are thought to be transferred to you when you wear them—such as the fierceness of a tiger, the playfulness of a dalmatian, or the stealth of a leopard.

Animal prints at Top Culture are printed onto the material, so you don’t have to worry about our furry friends when you’re embracing their look.

A woman holding a drink and wearing a black and white spotted romper

A casual-chic women's clothing jumpsuit

A Tailored Look

Forget hiding under baggy clothes and embrace your femininity. A tailored look with casual-chic women’s clothing can easily be achieved by focusing on getting the proportions right. Liz Claiborne created the tailored dress as an answer to women’s workwear that still looked feminine, and today, we continue to enjoy the tailored look with rompers, jumpsuits, and gorgeous tailored two-piece sets.

Wearing fitted tops with loose bottoms, fuller tops with tighter bottoms, and all-over pieces tailored to hug your shape are three great ways to embrace this flattering trend.

Signature Textiles

Whether you live somewhere warm all year ‘round or your warm temperatures are limited to the summer, chances are there are times when you’ll need to adjust your style to stay comfortable in the heat of the sun. Hot or humid summers mean that the fabrics used in casual-chic women’s clothing need to be light and breathable. Check out three of the signature textiles that are perfect for those times when you need to keep it cool.


There’s a reason the “lace of the countryside”—also known as eyelet fabrics—can be seen everywhere in Southern clothing styles. They know exactly how much of a difference the small details can have on fabric! Originally prized as a way to display one’s crafting skills, this tribute to handmade openwork details continues to be seen in casual-chic women’s clothing.

Whether you’re strolling along the beach or enjoying a picnic in the park with your beau, eyelet fabrics transform an otherwise plain fabric into something unique and eye catching.

A woman wearing a dress with eyelet details

A woman wearing a blue and white striped jumpsuit


Horizontal, vertical, plaid, gingham, and more—stripes are a timeless and popular print no matter which way they go. Stripes can be bright and bold, or they can create a more subtle look. Reinterpreted here with a more delicate pattern in our casual-chic women’s clothing, we expect stripes to be one of those prints that stick around for a long time.


No woman wants to look at her wardrobe and think, “I could see my boyfriend wearing that.” A plain black shirt can look just as much at home in your closet as his until you add a ruffled hemline. With ruffles, that shirt is transformed into something flirty and feminine that he’d never wear but looks super cute on you.

Ruffles are being used to add a touch of feminine power to casual-chic women’s clothing. You’ll find this trend on bodices, hems, skirts, and our latest favorite: the vertical bodice ruffle.

A woman wearing a dress with ruffle straps

A woman wearing a black popcorn cardigan, a hat, jeans, and boots

Popcorn Cardigan

Nothing sums up homeliness and fun like a ubiquitous popcorn-textured cardigan.

A favorite in our outerwear collection, the popcorn-stitch cardigan takes a group of small stitches that come together in a bubble-like shape that we think is perfectly described by the word “popcorn.”

A popcorn cardigan is not only delightfully cozy; it also adds instant texture to any outfit. If you don’t own one of these yet, you definitely should!

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Whether you’re an uptown city girl from the East Coast or a Southern girl that lives for a hat and boots moment, trendy clothing styles offer something that everyone can love. No matter where you’re from, vibrant colors, sassy prints, craft-style smocking, and cozy cardigans speak to the strength and softness inside all of us—and help us take everything in our stride.

Dive deeper into trendy fashion by browsing our curated on-trend collections and get fast U.S. shipping when you shop online today!

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