2020: A Year in Review

Wow - It’s hard to believe 2020 is already over. How did that happen?! Undoubtedly, 2020 has been a high speed roller coaster, full of emotions for pretty much everyone. But, amidst the whole new levels of anxiety we all didn’t know we could experience, we were able to have some amazing self growth - we hope you all were able to as well. 

Even when it felt like we were moving through quicksand due to the heaviness of this pandemic-filled year, your messages or posts about how much you love your items just made that dreadful feeling disappear! Our goal with this boutique has truly always been to hand pick the absolute best products we find, and showcase the amazing group of girls we have representing the brand. Curating an inclusive community in which we all inspire each other and have fun (and look AMAZING doing so) is SO important to us. Fortunately, we’ve had the chance to work with a few really incredible blogger babes who are aligned in our mission as well! 

As we near the end of this wild year, we as a brand came together to reflect on what truly was important to us, the valuable lessons we’ve learned, and the growth that we envision for our Top Culture babes. 

However, before I recap our year, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of our TC Babes. While building a brand is extremely hard work, it’s tiring and can seem never-ending, it’s been such an adventure. It’s what we live for and we wouldn’t be here without you guys!

Let’s Hit Rewind for a Minute

Top Culture journeyed into our second year as an online boutique in 2020, setting out to evolve our brand and really build our community. Like many, the last thing we ever expected to encounter was a worldwide pandemic that completely shifted priorities and responsibilities for everyone. We had so many great plans for buying, expanding our inventory, and investing in a space for our team to continue growing! While we knew the pandemic would certainly have an impact on our sales, we also didn’t want to give up the dream of continuing to build the Top Culture brand.

During the middle of summer, we decided to partner with the incredible Nat Fleitas, who helped us to bring our true Top Culture vision to life with our website revamp. We are absolutely obsessed with the new site and appreciate all of her time and effort that went into creating this beauty! Our goal was to make the shopping experience fun and simple for customers to navigate. We achieved just that! 

website features

Upon launch of the new site, we also released an entire new collection of styles for fall! We feel like you just can't ever go wrong with soft neutrals that are versatile, so that’s really where our focus was. We found so many new pieces that we adore - from cozy sweaters to trendy dresses, and we’ve even added bodysuits, a two piece set & romper that we love!

A few products in the collection were instant bestsellers: 

The beautiful Stassi Off the Shoulder Sweater is a TC fave

colorblock off the shoulder sweater

The Natalie Animal Print Dress did so well, we’ve already sold out! 

animal print cocktail dress


By far, the Tiffany Puffy Sleeve bodysuit is the piece everyone has been obsessed with. It’s easy to style in so many different ways and looks SO good on anyone who puts it on! 

puffy sleeve camel bodysuit

We’ve already started finalizing our Spring Collection, and we are just so excited to launch the new styles! 

Inspiration to Push Forward

One of the things we talk about a lot together is what inspires us. Obviously that’s different for everyone, but what inspires us, collectively as a brand, is seeing you (our customers) find an outfit that you absolutely love! That excitement over how stunning you look, and just overall feeling of confidence -- We share that with you! It’s such a rewarding feeling. 

knit cropped turtlenecks

Every single one of us has had the awful feeling of not being comfortable in our clothes, or being frustrated and not wanting to go anywhere because we don’t like our outfits, it’s just terrible! So we really wanted to help change that by offering super cute, comfortable pieces that compliment every body. There’s a personal feeling to shopping that we feel is being lost with everything moving online, and just want to keep that alive! We want all of our girls to be a part of the brand, feel like a queen, and be excited to show off their new outfits!

So that’s what keeps us going every day. Knowing that we’re helping you all look AND feel your best - It’s a dream come true.

Challenges to Overcome

As mentioned earlier, no small business has it easy. It’s a messy, complicated, and challenging adventure that requires so much work and dedication. Top Culture has experienced our fair share of challenges, especially in the last year, BUT we feel so relieved to have crossed one major pain point off of our own list in 2020 - Revamping the website!

When this business started, we didn’t know nearly as much as we know now, and we launched our first website on a platform that wasn’t very user-friendly. It had the basic functionality, sure, but it felt like every week there was a new issue that popped up, and we were struggling to determine fixes to bring our customers the best interaction with our brand. HUGE lesson learned for us - Do your research and make sure you understand the functionality and capability of your investment!

We finally pulled the trigger and completely overhauled the online shopping experience for our customers, and we could not be happier! We’re so excited to continue building this website out and have so many fun things planned. We hope you all love it as much as we do, and we always welcome feedback for future improvements!

Top Culture Tribe

There are a few babes who are super special to Top Culture - You might recognize them ;), but we wanted to introduce them here so you can get to know them better too! From their unique product styling, to photoshoots and content creation, we always have the best time collaborating. We’re so thankful for them! 

We came together recently and talked about what we’ve learned in 2020, and goals we have for the new year & fresh start:  

white two piece set
"Biggest obstacle to overcome in 2020 was planning our wedding during a pandemic (0/10 do not recommend), but we did it! Starting out 2021 as a newlywed, I'm the most excited for this new chapter of life with my husband! Can't wait to adventure with our fur babes & create new memories"
animal print dress
"2020 as a whole was an obstacle for everyone! I'm super thankful for my health, and the health of my friends & family. I'm hoping 2021 brings everyone better experiences & opportunities. Let's all be a little more kind & understanding!"
camel puffy sleeve bodysuit
"Being a college student during the pandemic has been wild - definitely the biggest challenge for me personally. We've all been forced to adapt to a new 'everyday life', and some days it's just tough! In 2021 I'm planning to really focus on disconnecting from technology and feeding the mind with all good things!"
brown poncho turtleneck
"So excited for a fresh start in 2021. This year I'm going to spend more time on myself - meditating, being more active, eating healthier, and drinking more water! My pup is pumped for more trips to the dog park ;)"
green polka dot dress
"Although Covid created a lot of stress & hardship, I'm proud to be saying goodbye to 2020 as a College graduate! I'm also really excited to become a mama in 2021, and welcome our first tiny Top Culture babe to the world!"

As we focus on transitioning to spring and planning for what’s to come, we’re continuing to build our tribe of babes through social media, since we aren’t really able to meet up and get to know you all in person! We have a lot planned for the upcoming year (so make sure you’re following us on all social channels), and we’re remaining hopeful that at some point we will have the opportunity to host social events in the Dallas area!

New Year, New Goals

It’s an understood tradition to set fresh goals for yourself as a new year approaches, right? We’ve all done that personally, but we also set a few big goals for Top Culture in the upcoming year that we’re really excited about.

Overall, our BIGGEST and most important goal is to continue building our community. We have so much to offer and really enjoy interacting with our babes on a daily basis. Whether it’s through social messages, comments, or emails to the team - we just love hearing from you! We can’t wait to grow our social following and create a more interactive experience for shoppers. Get excited, because there are big things on the horizon! 

We would love to hear about your highs and lows of 2020, and we hope that you’re all finding little nuggets of joy and peace where you can! Wishing you all a safe, healthy, happy, and WAY LESS WILD year to come. Let’s make 2021 our year, babes.

new years eve celebration