5 Tips for How to Style a Little Black Dress

A staple in every women’s closet: that little black dress for an event you haven’t had a chance to go shopping for. It’s your go-to “I don’t know what to wear” outfit. Here, we are going to show you how to style it or spice it up! From layering to accessories, read our five tips which will have you running to your closet to try them out.

1. You’ve Got to be Comfortable

There’s no point in buying a little black dress you are never going to wear because you don’t like the material, or the neckline is a little low for your tastes. You want a dress that looks and feels great at the same time. For some, a knee-length LBD with a scooped neckline is the perfect solution for any occasion. For others, ruffle details and asymmetrical hemlines are simply begging to show off the dress’s full potential.

A woman holding a drink and wearing a little black dress

2. There’s So Much You Can Do With Layers

Now to the practicalities of how to style a little black dress: It’s all about the layers! Not only do layers provide endless variations you can make to your look, but they also help you transition your dress from summer to fall.

The Belt

The simplest and quickest way to style your LBD is to add a belt. Obviously, this won’t work for dresses that already have a waist sash or front tie, but a belt can add a splash of color and personality to an otherwise monotone look.

The Jacket

This is where you can play with the elements of design and create an outfit that’s visually stunning. For a chic, elegant night out, try a faux-fur shrug and a string of pearls. The very next weekend, a denim jacket, hat, and sneakers can take your LBD from the ballroom to a baseball game and no one will even realize that you’re wearing the exact same dress!

One of our personal favorites for how to style a little black dress is with a pom pom sweater or cardigan. This home-spun mix of chic and homely will be as endearing to your grandma as it is to your boo.

A woman in a ruffled black dress with cheetah print shoes

Keeping it Classy

Short and flirty works great for cocktail parties, but when the occasion calls for something a little more subtle, how do you style a little black dress? Usually, a pair of leggings or fishnet pantyhose will do the trick. For a super-low v-neck, layer in a jet-black camisole or a classy white button-down shirt and rock that LBD with total confidence.

3. Shoes Can Change Your Entire Look

When you’re thinking about how to style a little black dress, don’t forget the power of shoes! Of course, if you’re going to a party, it’s hard to go past your favorite pair of stilettos for that touch of glamor and extra height.

However, an LBD has that wonderful versatility so you can really combine it with any shoes you like! Wear pumps for the office, sneakers for the street, and a pair of knee-high boots or booties for a fun look that’s hard to resist. We encourage you to try a few ways to style an LBD and see for yourself!

4. Experiment with Accessories

Here’s where you get to express yourself and show the world how to style a little black dress. Statement earrings, a stylish bucket hat, a stand-out clutch, and a fashion scarf are some of our favorites, but you can easily go for the layered necklace look or choker and look equally as stunning. Try to create a visual balance between your jewelry and your bag, or go for daring mismatched combos and potentially start a brand-new craze!

5. Finish Your Outfit with a Great Hairstyle

Our final tip for how to style a little black dress is to polish your look with a gorgeous hairstyle. Waves and curls are some of our personal faves or add your own touch with an intricate up-do. Whatever your preferred hairstyle is to wear with an LBD, be sure to send us a pic of the final result!

A woman wearing a black dress with a black hat and knee boots.

Enjoy Fashion, Enjoy Life

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